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The ultimate guide for busting out of a rut  - Articles - Fix That Fat

The ultimate guide for busting out of a rut  – Articles

The ultimate guide for busting out of a rut  - Articles


Here’s the thing. The fitness journey can feel monotonous. And generally speaking – it really is because you continuously are sending your body the same signals (eating healthy, working out, sleeping, etc.) over and over. As fitness pros – we feel you. Eventually we can tire of the same exercise circuit or meal lineup. But, simple tweaks in our weekly routines can have the power to stir up new enthusiasm and even push us to the next level in terms of physical change, metabolic function and mental game. At the end of the day, we want you to avoid any inkling to throw in towel or fall off track. So it’s important to have a list of go-to’s in those instances you feel like you’re in a rut.

10 Ways to Bust Out of a Rut 

Pause to remember your why. 

It’s easy to forget about our overarching objectives – especially if we’ve hit a plateau or aren’t seeing the rapid progress we did in the beginning of our journeys. Make a list of the reasons why you wanted to get healthy in the first place – even if it was solely based on enhancing your appearance. Revisit that list on the days when you’re feeling bored or tempted to give up. For me – I remind myself constantly that I’m a better parent and spouse when I work out because my stress is lower and I am a much happier person. 

Schedule a workout date. 

Whether with your significant other or a friend, be intentional about setting aside some time to spend quality time being active with the people you love most. Instead of heading to happy hour or dinner for a standard night out, upgrade date night by going on a long as the sun sets or head to the club to sweat it out together. If you’re getting together with a friend, consider scheduling a monthly outing and keeping it active by trying a new class, going for a walk or hike. If your friend has a completely different workout regimen than you, both of you can get out of your comfort zones by committing to trying one of each other’s workouts.   

Get your groceries delivered. 

Having a never-ending to-do list while managing a job and household can be flat out draining, so as a way to take one thing off my plate, I love to order my groceries online and have them delivered to my house. Not only groceries, but there are some great meal delivery services that can take the stress off of cooking dinner. I can say the minimal investment for this type of convenience is definitely worth it when it means a little extra breathing room to spend with my family or chipping away at other things that need to get done. 

Take a day off to recover. 

A tip I often recommend to my hardcore clients. Your recovery plan is just as important as your workout plan and sometimes we need to be reminded of that. If you’ve been working hard and seeing progress, give yourself a day off from that routine. Maybe you take the day to do other lifestyle and self-care habits (get a massage, take a bath, etc.) or you could still go to the club but focus on hitting the steam room, sauna or pool. 

Try a new class. 

We’re creatures of habit and while that’s not considered a bad thing, when it comes to fitness it can eventually make us fall into a boredom slump. Easily switch it up and get out of your comfort zone by trying a Yoga, HIIT or cycle class. If you’re a member at Life Time, there are a variety of studio classes to try, including a newer class that just rolled out called UpperRX. It’s a strength-building and muscle-toning class that features a series of familiar fitness-floor exercises and training methods that target your upper body – arms, chest and back.A lot of my clients tend to emphasize working their lower body during workouts, so this class can definitely help balance out a workout routine. 

Sharpen your kitchen skills. 

I often include cooking skills during my coaching sessions, but if you’re not working with a nutrition coach, taking a cooking class can be a great and surprisingly fun option. Learning additional cooking skills can make all the difference when it comes to adapting a healthy diet for the long term. If a class doesn’t get you excited – spend some time searching new and healthy recipes online that you want to try that could be potential options to substitute into your rotation of healthy meals. 

Buy new workout gear. 

Whether it be some new apparel such as a new sports bra, athletic shorts, running shoes, a fancy water bottle or some type of wearable gadget, reward yourself with a gift that will motivate you to get back into your fitness routine with a little extra pep in your step.As you continue to pursue your goals, set certain milestones and as you hit each new level, celebrate the accomplishment by rewarding yourself with something new.  

Join the 60day.

Doing the 60day is perfect for the post-summer, back-to-school season when we all seem to welcome a little more structure. With every new season I always recommend spending some time focusing or reassessing your personal goals and the 60day can be a great way to help create an architecture around what you’re trying to accomplish. Whatever your goal, the 60day provides the daily support, guidance and education you need to be your best. 

Get new kitchen equipment.

Nothing gets me more excited to eat healthy than having new tools for the kitchen. Maybe it’s some new glass containers, new shaker cups or even new knives. When you have new tools that you want to use, you’re more excited and likely to do so. Think of them like new clothing – function is imperative but go for things that also spark your personality.

Join a fitness community. 

One of the best ways to build accountability is through community, so if you’re in need of a tribe to help you keep (or speed up) the beat of your drum, consider participating in a run club, doing Pilates or joining a small group training (SGT) program. If you’re looking for that same level of accountability, another great option is to work one-on-one with a personal trainer who can create a specialized plan tailored to your goals that will keep you on track toward achieving your goals. 


– Anika Christ, Registered Dietitian and Life Time Weight Loss Director of Digital Programming & Events

This article is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice. Use of recommendations in this and other articles is at the choice and risk of the


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