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THE BEAUTY DIET (food that makes you look good) - Fix That Fat

THE BEAUTY DIET (food that makes you look good)


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in this week’s video let’s chat about the food that will make you look gorgeous af !

it’s a total cliche, but beauty starts from within – for sure ! when we treat our insides right, the outside typically matches. which kind of foods should we eat to feel amazing and look hella fine too ?

what really has been working for me ( to not feel bloated or have problem skin etc ) is a fruit and veggie packed vegan diet. getting off the milk and packing in those anti-inflammatory vitamins and minerals has really made me feel like the beat version of myself !

and i want that for you too, so here’s to a healthier and more beautiful you !

i talk about :
– kale & oats : the magical duo !
– it takes time for your body to adjust to a new diet !
– it’s okay to have a couple of vices … ( i mean coffee am i right ? )
– join the porridge cult with me !
– what you should stay away from for white teeth !?
– what to eat for beautiful clear skin !?
– stay away from white sugar & dairy ( bleh ! )
– tips for strong hair & nails !
– why inflammation is the source of all evil ?
– eat your fruits & veggies !!!
( but wouldn’t recommend avocado – yuck ! )


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