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Po Stay informed with all your favourite foods *Swipe to reveal all the comparis... - Fix That Fat

Po Stay informed with all your favourite foods *Swipe to reveal all the comparis…



Po Stay informed with all your favourite foods🍴💫 *Swipe to reveal all the comparisons & read below for more 🙂 ⠀..

As you can see, each fruit has different macros, calories & sugar. It’s worth noting sugar from fruit has the same metabolic result as from chocolate. But the combination of sugar & fibre via fruit makes it more likely to satisfy one’s hunger. Not to mention, fruit is more nutritious!

In terms of calories, white bread is similar to wholemeal & rye. Therefore, you won’t necessarily manage weight better by consuming brown, despite it being less refined. The key difference=fibre. If you enjoy bread, include it & if you not, don’t! Any food can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.

Each delicious cookie is unique & different:) Some have more sugar & calories, some less. Some taste great, some only taste good!

Stay informed on calories & sugar in this assortment of well known cereals. Portions=50g & 200ml milk.

B&J lovers, stay informed on all these flavours😍🍨 Sure they’re calorie dense & bereft of nutrients. But whilst most B&J’s consumers understand that, they utilize B&J for enjoyment.. which can be vital🌟for a sustainable diet👌There’s a place for food you enjoy. The key is you’re aware what consumption means for your goal. Applying this knowledge during decision making processes is a necessity if you want to be in control. Furthermore, moderate inclusion of such food could be the catalyst behind creating a diet rich in balance, sustainability & enjoyment🤜🤛

Protein dense. As you see, there are lower calorie options for the same or greater protein value.

We all know there are 1000s foods more nutritionally advantageous. However there’s a mightily important consideration in that humans enjoy eating donuts😋

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