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Losing Weight Over 50 - How To Get Thin Now That Life Has Changed - Fix That Fat

Losing Weight Over 50 – How To Get Thin Now That Life Has Changed


4 Daily Habits for Weight Loss – Free Video Series:

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Here’s the Problem with Weight Loss over 50:

Your body doesn’t lose weight the same way at 50 as it did at 20 years of age.

For women, estrogen changes that come with menopause tell the body to store more fat because fatty tissue is able to make the estrogen your body craves.

So, losing weight over 50 is affected by hormones, but hormone changes are not the only issues you face.

As the years go by, your beliefs, priorities and focus change, and these factors must be considered if you want to get the pounds off with fewer struggles.

This video shows the new way of losing weight over 50

Forget the willpower struggle, crazy-long workout sessions, and fad diets that take over your life. These outdated strategies rob your life of the joy you’re trying to fine.

Losing weight over 50 in the 21st century involves what I call the 3 E’s…

Your weight loss plan must be: Enjoyable, Effective and Easy-to-Follow

You want to eat and move in a way that brings Enjoyment into your life.

You want to take steps that are Effective; your actions must be big enough to create results.

You want to find a plan that’s Easy-to-Follow.

Making a plan that is Enjoyable, Effective and Easy-to-Follow might sound like a tall order, but you can accomplish 80% of this goal by following just 4 habits on a daily basis.

I share these 4 daily habits for easier weight loss in this video series:




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