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Keto VS Vegan Both Work For Weight Loss This Is My Weight Loss Story Plus Update - Fix That Fat

Keto VS Vegan Both Work For Weight Loss This Is My Weight Loss Story Plus Update


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Keto vs Vegan diet from my own experience. As we age it gets harder to lose weight and sometimes just the right diet can kick-start us into a successful weight loss mindset for long-term health. Bottom line is both diets work and it depends on your personal medical history and genetics which one you want to go with. Both diets have pros and cons.

This video doesn’t go into how to do each diet but I offer good resources. Both diets promote Whole Foods and ban most processed food sources and there is even a vegetarian Keto option on the Diet Doctor website listed below. Both diets have scientific research backing them up although not all medical professionals can agree.

While I am not a doctor or seek your doctor’s advice before starting any diet and research on your own.

The Mediterranean diet and Dash diet and calorie reduction with whole foods is also a healthful option. Regardless of the method losing weight like I need to do and getting yourself to a healthy weight and eating the right foods and moving your body is the key to maintaining health and warding off disease and inflammation. I have an autoimmune illness and losing weight can reduce system-wide inflammation.

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FOOD FOR THOUGHT good articles for keto vs low-fat diets:

Netflix watches: “What’s With Wheat” great documentary that gives you a new perspective about gluten and wheat but does in a way that respects wheat as the staff of life and instead questions the “new way we grow wheat and how it affects our health.”

Study Compares Year-long Effectiveness of Four Weight-loss Plans

Naples Institute for Integrative Cardiology

Low-carb diets can affect dieters’ cognition skills
Tufts study compared women’s cognition on low-carb and reduced-calorie diets

Books and websites to research:

The Plant Paradox By Steven Gundry

Eat To Live By Joel Furhman

The 7 Day Rescue Diet By Rip Esselstyn

The Auto-Immune Solution by Amy Myers, M.D

The China Study, Colin T. Campbell Ph.D. and Thomas M Campbell MD

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