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Is Fasting Healthy for you? My Weight Loss Journey Over 40 - Fix That Fat

Is Fasting Healthy for you? My Weight Loss Journey Over 40


Is Fasting Healthy for you? List of doctors that talk about fasting. Follow my weight loss journey over 40 to watch me use fasting to lose weight. I do OMAD, Intermittent Fasting, & Water Fasting for weight loss.

Here are the list of the doctors and others I mentioned in the video. Just do a youtube search for their name and fasting. If you are overweight, addicted to food, OR have a health problem do research to see how fasting for health and weight loss is good and can benefit you.

These are my favorites:
1. Dr. Fung
2. Dr. Berg
3. The Fasting Fatman
4. A Healthy Alternative
5. Lawrence Malcheff Force Production Powerlifting
6. Fledge Fitness
7. Thomas DeLauer
8. Sunkissed Mojo
9. Taking down the fat w cdub
10. The Fasting Pharmacist
11. Snake Diet (lots of cursing on this channel but he talks fasting facts and is what inspired me to start fasting and fall in love it)

Others I mentioned:
11a. Brix Fitness (11a because I messed up my numbers lol)
12. Snake Diet Sam
13. Dr. Josh Axe
14. 2 Fit Doctors (Dr. Becky & Keith Gillaspy)
15. Dr. Nick Zyrowski
16. Dr. Boz (Dr Annette Bosworth)
17. Dr. Mindy (Dr. Mindy Pelz)
18. Dr. Ken Berry
19. Dr. LeGrand
20. Dr. David Jockers
21. Dr. Robert Morse
22. Dr. Myles Munroe
23. Dr. Michael Mosley
24. Angus Barbieri story of fasting 392 days under doctor supervision Lost more than my starting weight on my weight loss journey!!
25. I will add to this list as I find more people I watch or can give insight to fasting because they have lost tons of weight or healed themselves.

Is fasting healthy? Please do not listen to mainstream society. Do your own research and all of the people above would answer YES

I believe fasting cures so many things and has benefits beyond weight loss and food addiction.


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