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How To Lose Weight After 40 - Fix That Fat

How To Lose Weight After 40


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Losing weight after 40 is a complex task, but not impossible. The biggest difficulty is that the body has changed without us noticing it and it is difficult for the woman to adapt to a different organism than she was accustomed to. Taking into account some key tips, you’ll get those pesky pounds down.

After a certain age, the woman’s body coexists with a slow metabolism, or slower than before. As women approach menopause the hormonal balance begins to undergo changes that directly affect their metabolism.

If you are a beautiful woman around the fourth decade, you will have noticed that losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight is costing you twice as much effort. If you want to lose weight healthfully, keep in mind these 8 tips that will make the task easier. Learn how you can lose weight after 40, reconciling with your body and your hormones.

1. Something more than exercise.

Training daily will be very positive for your health and mood; However, it will not be enough if you want to lose weight. To lose weight you must also carry a low-calorie diet, that is to say, that it contributes fewer calories. In order to lose weight after 40, it will be necessary to combine both issues, although in the past you have only achieved it by doing exercises (or vice versa).

2. Your body does not lose weight as if you were 20.

As we mentioned before, the metabolism after 40 years undergoes a process of slowing, which increases with the passage of time. If you’re 55, do not expect fast results, even if you’re doing things right. Gradually you will lose pounds and it is important that you set realistic goals.

3. There are no quick fixes.

To lose weight after 40 you should not resort to quick fixes or magic … and this is a great advantage. Why? Because this is your chance to adopt healthy habits in the long term, which will allow you to maintain your weight for a long time. “Magic” diets offer immediate solutions with a great rebound later, maintaining a healthy and good quality of life is the right answer.

4. You are mature and master of your life.

Slimming is one more goal on your priority list and you are mature enough to face it. Another advantage of your age is that you have all the tools at hand, the experiences of life have given you wisdom and you are adult enough to face life from another perspective. You are at a point in life where you can see that stumbling blocks are not failures, but teachings; So you can try again with all your strength.

5. Improve your eating habits.

It will not do any good to carry a strict dietary plan if at the end of the treatment your habits have not changed. You will achieve the target weight and you will not be able to maintain it in time.

6. Adjustments in your daily diet.

To lose weight after 40 and keep it in time, you must adjust your daily diet. Substitute foods that do not provide benefits such as sugar or refined flour, for healthier variants (stevia, wholemeal, etc.)

Avoid snacking between meals, do not have tempting foods at your fingertips, eat slower, enjoy the flavors and textures, share the moment with the people you love, do not deprive yourself of certain craving, etc.

7. Act now.

You are already mature and no one will tell you what to do. If you have postponed your health for a lifetime, this is the time to act and care for yourself. Do not do it for your family, children or profession, do it because you are worth it and it is a way to love yourself.

8. Persist.

Although the task will be difficult at the beginning, persist. Get informed correctly, perform hormonal controls and try to keep everything under control to get it.

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