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HOW TO GET ABS?... - @homeabguide - Doing just ab workouts alone will not nece... - Fix That Fat

HOW TO GET ABS?… – @homeabguide – Doing just ab workouts alone will not nece…




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Doing just ab workouts alone will not necessarily give you a popping six pack. If that is your goal then you need to consider other factors.
Here is how I did it:- .
▪️I spent a long time firstly building muscle and strengthening my core through compound lifting in a gradual calorie surplus, which in-turn increased my metabolism. I did this for over 1 year. I didn’t train abs.
▪️I then cut my calories down (only from 2200 to 2000) whilst still training hard to start burning more body fat. You can add in cardio to speed up the process but this was not necessary for me.
▪️After 3 months of cutting calories, my abs were visible. It was not until this point that I started training abs to improve definition. And now further down the line I add in weighted exercises too.
But please remember, adding in core training once a week is very beneficial for you and can help with your lifting. Looking back I would have done this earlier in my journey.
So give this challenging workout a go:-
1️⃣ Alternate Reverse Crunches – 8 reps each leg
2️⃣ Medicine Ball Pass Arounds – 20 reps
3️⃣ Kneeling Dumbbell Chop – 10 reps each side
4️⃣ Hand to Toe Crunches – 12 reps
5️⃣ Laying Cable Crunch – 10 reps .

Exercises 1-4 I performed as a circuit for 3 rounds with 30 seconds rest in between exercises. Exercise 5 I performed as a straight set 4 times.
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