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How To Fix Loose Skin After Weight Loss Men Without Surgery (5 Steps) - Fix That Fat

How To Fix Loose Skin After Weight Loss Men Without Surgery (5 Steps)


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If like some of our hardest working customers, you’ve lost 50 – 100lbs in body-weight, you may have some excess loose skin on your body.

In this video and accompanying article, I’m offering you 5 amazing solutions to combat loose skin after weight loss.

Some of you may believe that it’s impossible to fix loose skin after weight loss without surgery, but I’m here to tell you that you can.

In fact… I have 4 other solutions you should try before you even think about letting a surgeon near you.

Here are my 4 remedies for loose skin after weight loss before surgery should be an option.

Step #1: Build More Muscle

Now that you’ve lost a lot of body fat, you have ended up with space on your frame and inside your skin, which is causing it to be loose.

My recommendation is to clean bulk muscle tissue (increasing muscle without adding fat) to fill up the space, improve your body shape, and help tighten up your loose skin.

More muscle mass will also ignite your metabolism and help with another one of my recommendations further down, of continuing to lose body fat. Two birds with one stone! Win-Win!!

Step #2: Protect your skin & Supplement with collagen

Protecting your skin from things that will damage its elasticity is the first stage of this step.

Quitting smoking, avoiding UV rays without sunscreen, and avoiding too much chlorine or other chemicals on your skin will help.

Daily moisturizing or a similar skincare routine maybe isn’t what you’re used to, but if you’re open to loose skin after weight loss remedies, this could be the change you need to make.

Also, because a lot of loose skin after weight loss over 50 is caused by decreasing collagen production in your body, supplementing with collagen would definitely be beneficial.

My personal recommendation is Great Lakes Collagen, which you can find at

Step #3: Continue decreasing body-fat (to 10-12%)

If you’ve been using the Fit Father Project programs to lose weight, you’ll know the overwhelming benefits that come with reduced weight and body fat.

For that sake, continuing to lose body fat, down to a level of around 10-12%, will help you see whether any more invasive next steps are needed.

If you still have loose skin after you have got down to such a low percentage, you may need to decide whether you are happy as you are, or whether my last 2 solutions are needed.

Step #4: Non-invasive medical procedures (Fraxel lasers/radio frequency skin tightening)

Non-invasive procedures, such as Fraxel lasers or radio frequency skin tightening machines could be the next step you need to take if the previous 3 options haven’t had the desired effect.

Radio frequency machines are freely available from beauty stores, Amazon or eBay. Sessions are also likely available at beauty centers and medical centers in your local area.

Fraxel lasers are also available, but I would suggest having this done by a professional at a reputable clinic.

If you have health care insurance, it would be worth checking out whether these types of treatments are covered.

Step #5 & Last option: Surgery

This is the option I hope you are able to avoid, but in some instances where my other 4 options haven’t worked, it may be necessary to seek the professional opinion of a surgeon.

Having loose skin after weight loss cannot always be solved without surgery, but I would still urge you to give the first 4 options a shot before reaching out to your doctor or surgeon.

I really hope this information has been helpful for you, and wish you all the best as you continue your lifelong journey of being a fit father!

Your friends here at the FFP,

-Dr. Balduzzi + The Men’s Health Experts @ The Fit Father Project

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