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Got Menopause? Weight Loss for Women Over 40 - Fix That Fat

Got Menopause? Weight Loss for Women Over 40


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Got Menopause? Weight Loss for Women Over 40

Today I’m going to be having a chat to you about how you can lose weight throughout menopause.

Now, a lot of women tell me how they struggle with their weight throughout menopause. They tend to find that they put weight on around their stomach and that the old diets that used to work stop working. There are actually reasons to explain why this happens, and I’m going to be going through that with you today.

Now, as we women get older, we do drop in our female hormones, being estrogen and progesterone. Those are the hormones that give us that hourglass shape, but as we age, these hormones drop, and we tend to, unfortunately, gain weight around our stomach.

Although it’s really unfortunate, there are still some things that you can do to help. So what are the three things to avoid if you want to lose weight throughout menopause?

Number one, stay away from any of the old diets that you used to use. Often when you cut your calories very low, like most typical diets do, you break down your muscle tissue. This can lead to a drop in your metabolism, and then you’ll start putting on more weight, and it will usually go straight to your stomach.

What you need is an individualized and tailored approach to your nutrition that considers your age and your lifestyle. A one size fits all fad diet is not going to help you out at this stage of your life.

The second thing to avoid is eliminating food groups. You want to eat from all of the food groups. This is a time when you need to have dairy because calcium absorption can be low, and this can put you at risk of osteoporosis. You don’t want to go cutting out carbohydrates, which can affect your thyroid, or any gimmicky type of diet.

Thirdly, walking alone is not going to be enough, so if you’re not adding in any resistance training in the form of using weights, resistance bands, or body weight exercises, you are going to be prone to putting on weight because your metabolism has dropped.

I help many women get into the best shape of their life, living up to menopause, throughout, and beyond. You just have to be smart about the solutions that you use.

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