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Fat Burning Shoulder Workout | Keto Fat Loss - Fix That Fat

Fat Burning Shoulder Workout | Keto Fat Loss


Here’s a wonderful Triset/Superset upper body workout; performing each exercise back to back with minimal to no rest in between. It’s quick and effective, maintaining muscle tension while combining plyometric power move to keep heart rate up to burn those extra calories.

**Give IT A Try**

Using 10lb Dumbbells
10-12 reps each exercise (20 reps abs exercise)
3 sets of every Triset or Superset

1. Seated lateral raise, standing lateral raise, jump squat
2. Kneeling shoulder press, Arnold press, jump lunge
3. Standing front raise, bent flys, slider mountain climbers

4. Bench crunches SS crab toe touches
5. Bear crawls SS burpees

**Remember minimal (10sec) to no rest between exercise !!!



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