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FAST FAT BURN | Get Slim Body Subliminal Hypnosis | Extreme Weight Loss Frequency - Fix That Fat

FAST FAT BURN | Get Slim Body Subliminal Hypnosis | Extreme Weight Loss Frequency


FAST FAT BURN | Get Slim Body Subliminal Hypnosis | Extreme Weight Loss Frequency

This music is specially infused with binaural beats to help your brain simulate rapid metabolism. Rapid metabolism leads to weight loss. This video also contains subliminal message for weight loss. Listen to this music for an hour daily to get better results. You can also use it during your sleep, daily chores and exercise. Don’t use it during active activities like driving, operation industrial machinery etc.

Headphones are recommended for better results.

Binaural beats are the best way of relaxing your mind using the power of music. This works because of the fact that our brain communicates by generating electricity. These are called the brain waves. Our brain generates a specific brain waves for specific emotions. This is called the brain wave state. According to the scientific research each of our emotions can be associated with these brainwave states. Experts differ these waves into five types based on the frequency of 40 Hz to 1500 Hz.

Binaural beats are namely Delta waves, Theta waves, Alpha waves, Beta waves and Gamma waves. They each help you to reach a special state that you desire. The Delta waves helps you in better sleep. So, if you have any problem while sleeping you can go into deep sleep listening to it. If you are feeling tired, stressed or in anxiety then Theta waves will help you to get in deep relaxation, emotional connection and creativity. Alpha waves are used to feel relaxed and Gamma are used to make you feel highly focused. If you want to be focused and relaxed at the same time, Beta waves help you to Conscious focus, memory and problem solving.

When we hear music or sound in our daily life, we either get a positive vibe or a negative one. According to a scientific research it was found that more than 50% of our emotions are usually negative ones. This leads to anxiety, depressions, lack of concentration and many other problems. Our binaural beats music is specially designed using the principle of positive brain wave state which helps you to relax and boost up your concentration at the subconscious level.


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