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Dump CLA - BEST Non-Stim Fat Loss Supplements | Tiger Fitness - Fix That Fat

Dump CLA – BEST Non-Stim Fat Loss Supplements | Tiger Fitness


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CLA is a top-selling non-stimulant fat burner. Marketed as Tonalin CLA since Tonalin owns the patent on the studied claims, it is my opinion that this fat is overrated and while not dangerous to your health, is a colossal waste of money. Some better options for non-stim fat burning ingredients are decaffeinated green tea, capsimax and forskolin.

CLA is a naturally occurring trans fat:

Trans Fats found naturally in foods not unhealthy:

CLA 500% higher in grass fed beef:

Average daily CLA intake:

CLA does nothing:

Capsimax studies: [Boomer et al., 2010), (Lopez et al., 2013)

Forskolin studies: (Loftus et al., 2015), (Godard et al., 2005], (Enoksson et al., 1997)

Green Tea Studies: (Roberts et al., 2015), (Mulhollem, 2014) Join our Facebook group:

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Dump CLA – BEST Non-Stim Fat Loss Supplements | Tiger Fitness

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