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Don’t tell my parents this. I’m only telling you because the message is importan... - Fix That Fat

Don’t tell my parents this. I’m only telling you because the message is importan…



Don’t tell my parents this. I’m only telling you because the message is important. Especially if you’ve ever tried to find a short cut to getting fitter.

When I was 19 – bout 11 years ago – I was looking for a shortcut. At that point I already knew the typical supplements didn’t do anything.

I had an online trainer at that time that I paid for with some birthday money. I’ve mentioned this before but there’s a pretty big difference between the way I do my work and the way he did his. I’m a little more involved and I actually coach.

He encouraged me to get an ECA stack. That stands for ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin. This is actually is known to have a a fat burning effect. I’d also consider it dangerous. Please don’t bother searching for it.

I skipped the aspirin but took this stuff for 8 weeks and got the best results of my life.

Because of the pills? Nah. I did exactly what the guy told me to do and counted every macro. I was 18 and had little else to do other than commit 110% in a way that’s unrealistic now.

The stuff gave me jitters and probably burned an extra 3 quarters of a banana I could have just not eaten without any trouble.

Why am I telling you this?

Just so you know I’ve been at a point where I tried to find alternatives. I didn’t think it was possible to do it any other way. I let the supplement industry play on my insecurities and make something simple (health and fitness) seem impossibly complicated.

I promise there isn’t any supplement out there that can change your life in anyway. And to the person who will inevitably tell me creatine is proven — I get it. It
can add a marginal improvement if you’re already getting everything else right.

But whether you believe it or not yet, or whether you believe in yourself enough yet, the changes you want to make are possible — they just require some basic things repeated over and over. Maybe a little discomfort as you change what needs to be change. Sometimes a different perspective too.

I wrote this one because it matters and I want you to get what you want out of this stuff. And that starts with taking your mind off the what doesn’t work and understanding you can do it.




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