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Diet Doctor Podcast #27 — David Diamond, PhD - Fix That Fat

Diet Doctor Podcast #27 — David Diamond, PhD


Professor David Diamond says you have been misled and deceived when it comes to LDL cholesterol and statins. But he isn’t just going to tell you his opinion. He wants to show you the science. In his quest to set the record straight, he has been compared to “anti vaxers” and been called “dangerous.” But the fascinating thing is that he is pointing out data that is in published, respected, peer-reviewed journals and showing a vastly different perspective than what we “know” about cholesterol and statins.

In a world of pharma industry influence and a medical culture that isn’t good at reevaluating its beliefs, it’s important to have voices like Dr. Diamond’s to help us realize the science is far from settled. Please remember, this is meant for educational purposes only and in no way constitutes medical advice. Please contact your physician before making any changes or medical decisions.

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