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Before And After 40 Lbs Weight Loss, Candida And Fatigue Transformation - Fix That Fat

Before And After 40 Lbs Weight Loss, Candida And Fatigue Transformation


This is the before and after weight loss and health transformation you’re going to want to watch.

Because in just 6 weeks, our client, Brittney, has released her stubborn weight (losing a total of 40 lbs – some before and some during our program).

She balanced her Candida and embarrassing chronic yeast infection, cleared her skin and overcame fatigue.

Brittney had her doubts about a high carb, high fruit lifestyle, especially after following the traditional “anti-Candida” diet, where you restrict carbs.

But she had already tried restricting carbs for a while and it wasn’t working for her. She was tired of being tired.

During her interview, she shared how she hardly had any energy to do things before this lifestyle. Her confidence was low and she was feeling frustrated and confused with regards to her health.

She had her wedding coming up and she wanted to look and feel her best. She wanted health, glow and vibrancy.

She realised that she had nothing to lose and just went for it, and stayed commited to solving her health issues.

Just a few weeks into our coaching program, for her there is no turning back.

Today, Brittney is sharing her inspiring story with you.

You’ll hear about her highs and lows, her doubts, fears and how she was able to not only turn her own life around, but also inspire the people around her.

Don’t miss today’s interview, it will show you what’s possible for you if you’re willing to work hard and follow a proven system.

Discover it all in this video and please leave your comments.

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Paul and Yulia Tarbath


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