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ATHLEAN XERO - Bodyweight Only Workout Program - Fix That Fat

ATHLEAN XERO – Bodyweight Only Workout Program


Bodyweight Only Workout Program from ATHLEAN-X –

It’s time to build serious muscle with a bodyweight workout program. The problem with most bodyweight workout programs is that they do a good job of helping you to lose weight but most of the time, you lose muscle as well. In fact, one of the most popular bodyweight workout programs available right now often leaves those that do it in that exact same situation. The problem is the way the workout program is structured and the choice of bodyweight exercises.

Lets face it. Doing nothing but glorified aerobic exercises for an hour or more and expecting to add serious muscle is the definition of insanity! In order to build muscle with bodyweight workouts you need to create muscle overload, just as you would with any workout using weights. Muscle overload can definitely be achieved by selecting the right body weight exercises and applying the right forces.

If you didn’t see the video we released last week about the 5 biggest bodyweight training mistakes, then you’ll definitely want to watch that as it will give you a good idea of why most bodyweight programs don’t work. Well, at least in regards to building muscle while doing bodyweight exercises.

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