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5 MIN DANCE WORKOUT || Burn Fat & Lose Weight the Best Way - Cardio Exercise Routine for Beginners - Fix That Fat

5 MIN DANCE WORKOUT || Burn Fat & Lose Weight the Best Way – Cardio Exercise Routine for Beginners


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OMG you’re going to LOVE this dance workout to get in some cardio in your exercise routine! Only 5 minutes. AMAZING music and all the energy in the world!! This dance workout is a great, fun way to get fit, kickstart a healthy lifestyle, and do cardio to lose weight. If you need some extra motivation to get started with exercising regularly, you neeeeeed a good dance workout workout in your life. It will get your heart pumping and fill you with those good good gooood hormones that make you want to do even more!

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PS: if you need some more dance workouts to burn fat and get that bikini body, check out popsugarfitness here on YouTube. They have soooo many!! I feel like their videos are really great especially if you’re a good dancer. I’m very very average when it comes to dancing as you can see from this video bahaha but it’s not about the moves right?!! It’s all about the effort. Love ya! xo

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