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15 Min Intense Full Body Fat Burning Workout // No Jumping - Fix That Fat

15 Min Intense Full Body Fat Burning Workout // No Jumping


I know that some of you are really active and you want to exercise and burn fat more intensively. That’s ok! We all want to maximize every effort we spend into guaranteeing that we see immediate results. And with that, today’s video workout is perfect for you!

This exercise video is an intensive, 15-min workout that contains all body-weight routines for an awesome calorie-burning session! The exercises in itself are actually not all that hard but since you’ll be doing them for 15mins, that’s where it gets really sweaty and challenging!

You can do this workout everyday, but you can also opt to do this about 3-4x a week if you’re just getting started. You may opt to do quick video workouts–like the 7 or 8min workouts–during the in-between days!

Good luck! Your weight loss journey begins here, now!❤️💪

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