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12 Week Home Workout Program With Only ONE DUMBBELL - Fix That Fat

12 Week Home Workout Program With Only ONE DUMBBELL


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FREE 12 Week Workout Program With Only ONE DUMBBELL. New video is up! Here’s a 12 week free workout program with only one dumbbell for you. Hope you enjoy!

Video content:
Push workout:
We’re starting off with chest, our first exercise is the unilateral dumbbell press, on this and all of the other exercises you’ll perform 3-4 sets of 6-12 reps. Of course, on all of the unilateral movements you’ll perform the exercise with both arms or legs depending on the exercise.

Moving on from that, exercise number 2 is the unilateral dumbbell shoulder press. We want to get rid of the mass builders and toughest exercises first.

Exercise number 3 is the dumbbell pullover. I’ve seen a lot of guys bringing the dumbbell like to their belly button, you don’t want to do that, bring it above your chest area and repeat the movement.
Exercise number 4 is the dumbbell fly and with this exercise we are done with chest.

Next up we’ll be doing lateral raises for the lateral head of the shoulders.

What’s very important is not to forget our rear delts so we’ll be doing bent over raises to hit our posterior deltoids. It’s very important not to neglect them because it can really mess up your posture in the long run and also your shoulder aesthetics.
What’s only left is the triceps, and because we already incorporated the triceps in the pushing movements we’ll finish it off by striking it with only 2 exercises mainly focusing on the long head of the triceps. the tricep kickbacks and the overhead tricep extensions.

That would be it for the push workout, after that you’ll finish off with a light ab workout you can chose any 3 exercises from variations of crunches, leg raises and side crunches. You’ll be performing 3 sets of 10-25 reps. This goes for all of the ab workouts.

Moving on to our pull day we’re starting off with the dumbbell row focusing on the thickness and on the middle part of our back.
Our next exercise is the unilateral dumbbell pullover or a dumbbell swing, whatever you wanna call it. With this exercise we’ll be focusing on our lower lat development.

The third exercise will be upper back rows.

Next up we have dumbbell shrugs focusing on our traps and finally after that you never want to neglect your lower back because we don’t want to end up with an injury so we’ll be doing a hyper extension.

We’re done with back now we’ll finish off the workout with a little bicep work by doing supinating dumbbell curls and after that preacher curls. So that would be it for the first pull workout as well now we’re moving on to legs.

We’re starting off our leg workout with sumo squats, just put a dumbbell between your legs and squat as deep as you can.
Our next exercise is the unilateral dumbbell lunge and after that we’ll be isolating our hamstrings with dumbbell Romanian deadlifts. These are more tricky ones but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it.

We’ll be finishing off our leg workout with calf raises. Also don’t forget about the abs workout. So that will be our workout routine for the first six weeks. Your goal should be to improve on every single workout either rep wise or weight wise.
So your first six weeks have passed and here’s our slightly altered workout routine.

Our push workout will be starting off with the Arnold press after which we’ll be doing dumbbell chest press again.
Exercise #3 upper chest low to high dumbbell chest flyes.
Moving on from that we’re doing upright rows hitting both our shoulders and traps.

After that we’ll be super-setting dumbbell lateral raises with bent-over raises for the posterior deltoids.

Next up we’ll be doing front raises and after that we’re finishing off with triceps by doing skull crushers and after that tricep kickbacks.
Our back workout will start off with the dumbbell pullover after which we’ll do the dumbbell row following up with the dumbbell swing, upper back rows and hyper extensions.

We’ll finish off the biceps with hammer curls and concentration curls.

Finally our leg workout will start off with the dumbbell step-up followed by the dumbbell lunge.

After that we’ll be doing the unilateral dumbbell Romanian deadlift again as well as the weighted calf raises.

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